The Drunk Poet

For I am the Drunk Poet, I’m zany and I know it, A way I’ve found to show it, an idea I plan to grow it

Good Morning

When I awoke to feel your bright smile
In that warmth I desired to linger
Mile upon distant trekking mile
With a light
Served as a compass to yours
My heart can find a way
A motive to change the previous cold, lonesome day
It could never burden to bear too much
To end the desire, and feel the warm soft touch
Oh but to feel ever so deserving
Something that has been found ghastly unnerving
I feel you could be my hearts embrace
Stories romantics always chased



What’s the use

God damn the abuse

She tells me I’m winning 

Everything I am losing

Lord knows I’m sinning

Why did I ever start using

Tick tick tick tock 

My mind is counting the clock

Feigning for the next dose

Satisfaction for the ghost

Ruined my wife

Ruined my life

And I feel like a beetle

Controlled by the needle

You’re an inaudible melodyI have no strategy

Do I buy you a drink

I’d love to know how you think

I could spend all night on this bar stool

Would you think me a fool

Is there a chance

You would be warm to a dance

Maybe this isnt your groove

I cannot force these feet to move

Warm eyes sparkle in the light

Why couldn’t I have worn something nicer tonight

In spite

Talk to her

I just might


She’s a grounded hippie with a reckless wild side
The kind of sunlight hellish storms cannot hide
A mix of slender elegant beauty
And an old weathered soul
On moment makes everything broken whole
Eyes that pierce and hands that softly heal
Cinderella is real

In my buzzing head I see it all so clear
The curve of your lower back in which my hand rests when I pull you near
The way your fingers will feel tangled in mine
Side by side we can leave this world behind
Your falling hair with the sweet scent of shampoo all around
Laying there laughing as we fall to the ground
I roll over, caress your cheek, and give a soft kiss
We share moments of true bliss
The movies they play and replay fully engulfing my mind
With each you’re the spotlight and thought that I cannot leave behind
Oh how I know that it could be dangerous
What could come of us?

Heaven is a place on earth here with you
Baby maybe tell me what to do
I could sing you softly to sleep
Drifting away the world won’t make a peep
Rocking you softly along a melody
Floating like a breeze through a tree
When you wake up you may see
Somewhere along the dream you fell in love with me

Without Warning

Laying slumbering peacefully there
Fresh morning light soaking in on your hair
My shirt draped on
Thoughts way past gone
The way I squeezed those begging hips
You kissed my trembling lips
Sharing slow movements orchestrated in the dark
Skin jumping alive like an electric spark
Every moment I readily take you in
Limits we push like tragic sin
Two bumbling paths never meant to cross
You placed my words at a total loss
Oh how I love to gently kiss you good morning
You came without warning

She is a magnificent beauty. She is a proposition and an answer. She is mysterious and forward. She is everything a heart could find to adore. She is mine, and I am hers.


Sometimes I sit idly and calmly wait

Patience is a hard learned trait

And one day I stared into your deep glossy eyes

Oh and to my blossoming surprise

I had placed my heart on locked reserve

Because this world was far more cruel than it could deserve

But with yours it found a reason not to roam

You will always be home

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