The Drunk Poet

For I am the Drunk Poet, I’m zany and I know it, A way I’ve found to show it, an idea I plan to grow it

All we have are the memories and pain

Nothing left to gain

That king size bed

Where I lay and wish me dead

Demons in my head

We said we’d be in love forever

But forever must have arrived yesterday

Changed like the weather

I thought you’d be the one to stay

Your no friend to me

Lover enemy

Our skeletons tore us apart

Damned from the start


Another damned morning chasing tail lights
Dreams are always just within the sights

All the dotted painted lines that I’ve passed

Like laughing specks from the past

Every door opened turned to be charred 

With the fire at your back it gets damn hard

Sometimes I fail to see

I should be so proud of me

Even though I may not sleep in bed tonight

It’s all gonna be alright

This is me

This is me

There’s a lot behind these eyes you don’t see

I can’t help but smile

Putting these demons on trial

And this is what you see

This is me

If you really knew his story It’s looking gorey 

Knew the abuse

The moments he feels he has no use

He looks to the day he gets the mail

And sees his father died in a cell

Why the fuck do I have this name

Is it a reminders game

All he has ever had walked away

That’s why he can’t stay

Pain can still find more hurt

Treated like dirt

He is self powered self made

Now he is making the grade

Days have come of six figures

Brains still pulling triggers

Just hoping to live for the day

That he can wave at the demons as they go Away

I hope that you never really feel alone

Even when your time takes more of a somber tone

Even when the world shatters your dreams

It aint always what it seems

You have always had wings worth flying

Always had a path worth trying

Rest your pretty little weary mind

And you might find

Its all going to be fine


Beyond a slow painted sunset
The sleepy burned out sun merely retires
The best is unspoken yet
Your begging…pleading body
Captures and surrounds me
Intoxicating scent consuming my senses
Oh wildly passionate
Exhilaratingly free
On to your being my beating heart clutches
I fall into you
Granting our trembling body’s collapse
Energy as wildfire
Raging with every brain snap synapse
With my lips on your porcelain olive skin
I breathe you dangerously in
You close your brown eyes and heavy breaths slow longer
Leaving every desire to love you stronger
Breathtaking gasping
We are everlasting

You had me

Bitch you had me

Had your shot

You set me free

Self made I’m all I got

You missed

Right now

Your bank couldn’t even pay for what’s on my wrist 

Throw in the towel

I live to be your biggest regret

Life’s got a funny way of putting us in check

You wish we never met

And for me your just a speck

Life’s little blemish

You should have let me finish


Eyes closed tight
Tension in the arch of your back
Passionate love attack
Hips I trace
Scratches left glowing red
The explosions of fireworks lost in a bed
Clutching nails scrape
The cold metal of the hand cuffs around your wrists
The knots in the ropes we tie
You crave it fast
Clutching on hair as I look you in the eye
The sticky steam in the air
Oh I swear

Better Days

Who knew in a life so set on complicated?
Through broken, bright blue eyes the world is so gray and jaded
Not yet snapped, cracked, broken; but blissfully bent
Oh so much time wasted
Like sands through an hourglass energy has fallen spent
With our beating hearts apart
Issues worldly surmount
Fatefully joined together we share a different joyous account
Each slow fingertip touch is healing to the soul
Within your embracing arms my half world has been made whole
Finding it nearly impossible to leave your side
The one safe haven love longs to forever reside
To find solace in your outstretched arms i would run barefoot broken for miles
Only stopping the kisses to glimpse at melting smiles
The way your face lights up and the curve of your lips begins to raise
I know I have found my sanctuary for better days

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